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To maintain your skin healthy, fresh and young it is essential to have a healthy balance diet. We are what we eat and a proper nutrition will be reflected in the appearance of our skin.

We are exposed to free radicals that damage our skin and change its appearance.

In other words, free radicals are substances that can damage our cells and proteins making us look older. Some examples of free radicals are tobacco smoke, toxins and pollutants).

We need to eat a diet that contains as much Antioxidants possible to combat these free radicals. Antioxidants are substances that not only reduce the damage cause by free radicals and keep us young, but it also reduces the risk of some cancers. Some examples are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Glutathione.

I will provide you with some examples of great foods that can give you these substances and help your skin!

Avocados: They help your skin to be hydrated due to its monounsaturated fat (healthy fat). It also has Glutathione (Antioxidant) that can help to flush toxins from your system and improves the appearance of your skin as well as wrinkles and acne.


Eggs: Contain Vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin (Antioxidants/Carotenoids family) that help reduce the effects of UVB radiation exposure. It makes your skin softer, firm and hydrated. These Carotenoids provide amino acids to generate new proteins within your skin cells. Some of these proteins such as collagen and elastin strengthen your skin tissue.


Tomatoes: They contain Vitamin C that helps to build collagen, which makes your skin looks firmer. They have Lycopene (Antioxidant/Carotenoids family) that protect your skin from UV damage and gives you a natural glow.

Berries: They contain Flavonoids that are antioxidants; they also decrease inflammation, decrease risk of some cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Fish: They contain omega 3 fats that prevent skin cancer cells from growing and spreading. It also helps moisturize your skin.

Nuts: They also contain omega 3 that is great for your skin and Vitamin E. It has anti-inflammatory properties that teat conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Green Tea: It contains Catechins (Antioxidants) that can prevent cell damage. Creams containing green tea reduces acne and improves skin aging. The Polyphenoids in it protect the skin from UV rays.

Oranges: They hydrate your skin and contain Vitamin C (Antioxidant) which helps produce collagen that helps to keep your skin tight.

Kiwi: Contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E (antioxidants) that can help protect your skin against sun damage.

Spinach and Kale: Contain Lutein (Antioxidant/Carotenoid family) which helps with skin hydration.

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