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  • by Editorial Team
  • October 20, 2020
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Hair loss or Alopecia has many causes including genetics, stress, poor nutrition, drugs and pregnancy.

Genetic causes of alopecia, which is called male or female pattern baldness, is characterized by a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown which is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

Baldness occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over time resulting in shorter and thinner hair.

There are many medications and procedures that can be done to treat hair thinning and loss, the best results occur with the combination of these.

Finasteride (Propecia) reduces the levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is a derivative of testosterone. DHT is suspected to be the main cause of male pattern baldness and it is responsible for hair follicles to shrink.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) solution can also be used and it is applied to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicle. It has proven to slow the hair loss for many men and grow new hair as well.

Antiandrogens like Spironolactone can also be used, they block the DHT from reaching the follicle. It is used in postmenopausal females or in male patients that want to avoid the use of DHT inhibitors due to their side effects.

These medications work well but hair loss returns when you stop using the medications.

Micro-needling procedure is a safe and a great tool for hair stimulation in men and woman. It consist of a device the uses small needles that penetrate the skin to produce a controlled skin injury. The skin starts producing collagen and elastin to repair these micro perforations. In other words the skin is renewing itself from the inside out in a completely natural way. When used for hair growth, this procedure causes activation of stem cells in the hair bulge area under wound healing conditions. This procedure is painless and requires No Downtime!

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