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Mariana Vergara is a medical doctor from Colombia with extensive clinical and surgical experience. During her medical training she started her internship as part of the Latin American Program at the University of Miami School of Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital and then completed it at Children Hospital Boston and Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School.

Her passion for cosmetic dermatology made her pursue a second career in United States. She joined Florida International University BSN/MSN program for foreign educated physicians. She earned a Bachelor degree in Science of Nursing and a Master degree in Family Nurse Practitioner.

She gained further experience working with prestigious Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists in Beverly Hills, California and is up to date with the latest minimally invasive procedures.  Vergara has 7 years of experience with cosmetic injectables and uses various hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators to preserve the patient’s natural look. Mariana is known for treating A list celebrities and prestigious public figures worldwide.

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