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Hands are another area where the first signs of aging starts to appear. The skin in this area is thinner overall, it is also exposed to UV rays daily, especially when driving. Overtime the hands can develop wrinkles, dark spots and prominent veins.

There are a combination of treatments that we can do for the hands to turn back the clock. Most of the time we can combine the treatments the same day but other times it requires multiple appointments until achieving aesthetic goals.

As we age we lose collagen and elastin in our skin.

Collagen is a protein that supports the dermal layer and gives a smooth appearance to the skin. Collagen loss on the hands can make the veins on the back of the hand to look more prominent than they did before.

I suggest the “Dermal fillers with growth factors”. This treatment uses a combination of dermal fillers and Platelet rich plasma. Dermal fillers can be of Hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. These substances are injected into the back of the hands and instantly restores the volume loss in this area and at the same time they increase collagen production and affect fibroblast morphology.

Plasma rich platelet is mixed within the dermal fillers. PRP stimulates collagen and

elastin production which tightens tinning skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles

and thickens the skin. This booster will improve overall skin texture and tone.

For does patients with pigmentation and even more textural irregularities I offer different types of light and laser treatments depending on the patient needs. The light therapies have special wavelengths of visible light that targets specific chromophores in the skin. It destroys pigment, sun spots and UV damage. Patients that have more texture, tone and wrinkle hands I prefer to do a resurfacing laser treatment. The laser penetrates into the dermis of the skin causing new collagen production . The number of sessions depends on the patient’s sun damage, age and aesthetic goals but usually it requires a series of 3 treatments.

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