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“Enlightenment” Candle


“In this light I am peaceful and compassionate”

Scent: Strelitzia Breeze

GemStone: Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a stone known as the “stone of spiritual awakening”. It is a stone of renewal, capable of promoting the connection between the consciousness of being and the internal knowledge of the individual. This stone instructs on love, nourishing you in all aspects of your development. Pink Opal stimulates thoughts of love and peace, as well as conflict management. It promotes mental and spiritual self-healing to help get rid of past traumas.



If you would like to keep your crystals in perfect condition, consider removing crystals before you light the candle. If you decide to keep the crystals inside the candle the crystal may get lost in the wax and it may be difficult to remove them from the wax. Keep in mind that leaving crystals inside that candle may disrupt the melting process. Crystals vary in size by 3cm-5cm. All crystals come in different shapes and sizes, therefore each candle is uniquely hand-made.


-Keep wick centered and trimmed to 1/4″ and discontinue when 1/2 of the watch remains to prevent heat damage.
– To avoid burning your hands please do not attempt to remove crystals while the candle is burning
– Crystals absorb heat tend to be very hot during a candle burn
– Using a teaspoon is a great way to retrieve crystals
– Place the crystals on a towel and clean off any wax residue
– Avoid touching the candle jar during a burn
– Keep candles in a safe place during a burn
-Always burn candles within sight.
-Do not light this candle for more than 2 hours at the time.


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